Literary Gala

Get lost in the magic of the Literary Gala! The event will be at 6:00pm the Sandra Black Theatre on November 21st and 22nd. The event will feature student and faculty readings from the Shift magazine, so don’t miss it! Tickets are $10, or $12 if you decide to get a Shift magazine.

NHS Food Drive

Time is almost up for the National Honor Society food drive! Bring in your canned and boxed food items or gift cards before it’s too late! Food items should go in the box outside of the office, and gift cards should be brought to Ms. Kerr. November 11th is the last day! Don’t forget!

A Mirror On America

“Whose Manifest Destiny?” –36×60 Oil on Canvas After five centuries, the deplorable treatment of the Native American people has only gotten worse. It is difficult to name a single treaty made with a Native American tribe or nation that has been honored by the American government in its entirety.  Currently on display in the Scott […]