Governor’s School

The link to the State of Tennessee’s Governor’s School program applications, important dates and locations is here:

The link to “Frequently Asked Questions” about Governor’s School programs is here:

Tips to the application process

  • We recommend you begin reading and planning out this process in mid-SEPTEMBER or in OCTOBER, depending on the deadline for the program in which you are applying.
  • At the Governor’s School request, I will not submit applications that do not meet all criteria to apply.  Remember, criteria are different for each program.

 Please read ALL directions carefully

  • Fill out the application or other attachments
  • Make it LEGIBLE   (hint: write email addresses in capital letters)
  • Write essay – If applying to more than 1 program, check to see if you need to an essay for each program. Typically you do, such as for the Engineering program and the Sciences program. Number them just as the essay topics/questions are numbered.
  • Some programs have changed their application process so always check each program’s procedures/expectations yearly.

 Give the teacher(s) the Teacher Recommendation form.

  • Some programs want 1 or 2 Recommendations; some specify teachers of specific subjects
  • Ask if a teacher would be able to (and have the time to) complete a Recommendation for you; if they can’t you will need to ask a different teacher.
  • Fill out the top sections then give the recommendation form to teachers ASAP
  • If it doesn’t have a place for you to do this, write the following at the top:
  • “Turn into Mrs. Bacher’s mailbox by ___date___”       * Check the dates below to see what to date to write
  • Give me any forms requesting test scores or labeled for “Counselors”
  • Give to me ASAP – As you know, I am in and out of my office a lot, so slide it under my door if I am not there.
  • Different applications have different forms for the counselor
  • Please fill out your name and the Gov. School program in which you are applying before giving it to me.

 Electronic submission section:

  • some programs have added this step in which the student needs to sit down with me at my computer to enter demographic information into a specific website (then they will obtain the code it asks for but I can put that on all your paperwork).
  • Students, please see me ASAP to do that. (It takes 5-10 minutes)    **DS and lunch times are good times to do this.


  • I will print out and sign official transcripts to add to your application packet


 Turn application/attachments/essays to me no later than 5-6 business days before the postmarked deadline

  • Deadlines are different for each program, do not assume it is the same as another program’s deadline
  • Turn it in to me OR slide it under my door if have stepped out
  • I have a lot of applications to check and forms to complete so feel free to send them in before this deadline so I can meet the postmarked deadline.

PLEASE DO NOT STAPLE ANYTHING…..paperclips only please

Thank you and email Mrs. Bacher if you have questions at: