As we welcome all of our returning and new students to CCA, we also welcome a new dreamer to our school family.  His name is Hudson and he is the K-9 certified service dog for one of our 6th grade students. Service animals are hypoallergenic and have mild temperaments. In addition, since Hudson is a service dog, he is working while he is at school. He is well trained to do his job and follows the commands of his companion. Students, guests, parents and faculty will easily recognize him because of his red service vest.

Even though we know you would love to pet Hudson and give him love, this is not appropriate for a working service animal. He will be with sixth grade students most of the day, but you will see him in the hallway, in the cafeteria and in two middle school arts classes. Please do not pet or interact with Hudson because that can distract him from the very important work that he does. Thank you for helping Hudson do his job. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Anna Davis at CCA (209-5929).

Post Author: Mrs. Zerr