Box Tops, Coke Rewards, & Publix


Box Tops for Education- Clipping box tops from the products you use can really add up fast!  These can be turned in anytime in any of your classes.  There is a Box Tops collection basket in every classroom.  We collect these every Friday.

Labels for Education- It’s not just Campbell’s soup! Visit to learn about the products that qualify. Goldfish, V8, Post, Bic, Glad, Pepperidge Farm and more!  This will be the final year for the program. Campbell’s has decided to end this on July 31, 2017.

Tyson Project A+ – In your grocer’s freezer section, look for Tyson products that display the Tyson Project A+ logo.

Coca-Cola Rewards- Turn in Coke caps or product codes from boxes every week in any classroom.

Publix Partners- Have the cashier scan your Publix Partners card each time you shop.  CCA will earn a percentage of money back. Publix stores also carry extra cards if you forget yours!

Food City- Earn money for CCA by linking your Food City Valucard to our school ID.  CCA’s ID is 60057. This has to be done at the start of each school year.  Print the bar code here.

Office Depot- Just provide our school’s ID at checkout and we receive 5% back in credits!  School ID: 70092311

Recycle Rewards- All used ink cartridges should be sent to the volunteer workroom

Old Cell Phones- Turn in your old cell phones and we will send them to benefit groups such as servicemen overseas and others in need.

Class E Cash- Sign up for daily deals just like Groupon or Living Social, but 50% of profits go to CCA.  Sign up at to get deal offers.

Please attach this to your refrigerator as a reminder!

Thank you for helping to make a difference!


Contact Pam Rich at with any questions


Post Author: Mrs. Zerr