Reading/Language Arts 6

Being able to read a variety of texts and communicate through writing is a critical twenty-first century skill. In sixth grade, the goal of is to help students become better readers and writers. This is done through reading books together, individual book reports, studying grammar and punctuation, practicing editing, research, vocabulary practice, essay writing and writing in journals. Homework includes individual reading and classroom skill practice. In-class experiences include literature circles, cooperative group learning, editing practice, and peer conferring. The course is guided by the Tennessee State Standards.

Reading/Language Arts 7

In this course, skills are closely integrated and aligned with those described for the 6th and 8th grade levels. Students will explore various genres in reading which will guide them in their writing for different audiences and purposes. Reading and writing practice and instruction are heavily interwoven, as the two disciplines are inextricably linked. Students will read and compose narrative, informational, and argumentative texts, beginning the year with realistic fiction short stories. Students are encouraged to follow their interests in both book selection and in composition, while learning fundamental critical thinking and analytical skills as outlined in the Tennessee State Standards. Over the course of the year, students build strong reading, speaking, listening, and writing habits such as maintaining a reading log, engaging in thoughtful, intellectual discussions, and conducting writing conferences.

Reading/Language Arts 8

This course is designed to enable students to communicate well in oral and written form and to read with understanding, as described in the Common Core State Standards. The concepts taught to accomplish these goals involve being able to read various genres of literature with thorough understanding. Students should also be able to analyze literature using literary elements. In addition, students should be able to write for different purposes and use a variety of reference materials to gather information. Students should be able to listen effectively to gain information and to critique oral information. Finally, students will be expected to use typical conventions of English in speaking and be able to communicate orally in an effective manner.

Honors English 9

This course provides grounding in vocabulary, grammar, literature, and composition. Student writing focuses on informative, argumentative, and narrative modes. In-depth reading of short stories, poems, plays, essays, and novels helps hone students’ analytic and critical thinking skills. Works studied typically include The Once and Future King, The Odyssey, Of Mice and Men, Romeo and Juliet, excerpts from Seabiscuit, short stories and poems by Poe, and a variety of classical and modern poetry. A research project focuses on the historical time period of the novels studied.

Honors English 10

This course is designed to examine how people create, maintain, or destroy societies  by reading and analyzing core texts and supplementary short stories, poems, and informational texts. The writing portions focuses on informational and argumentative essays as well as some creative expression. The students will further their understanding of standard conventions, rhetorical and effective communication for a variety of purposes. As we progress through the course, the students will research and investigate current societal issues.

Advanced Placement English 11

This course combines both reading and writing in an effort to allow students to explore the world of rhetorical relationships and communities and to discover their role as writers and communicators. Students will begin the course by deepening an understanding of themselves as readers and writers. They will then initiate a study of rhetoric with early rhetors such as Plato and Aristotle, moving to modern rhetoric and analyzing the connections found in the myriad of genres and authors covered in class. Writing will be viewed as a well-developed process rather than a quick product-oriented assignment. Students will work in peer groups and individually to establish and develop skills necessary for effective written and oral communication. This course is designed to prepare students for the advanced placement exam in language composition and for college level reading and writing.

Honors English 12

This course focuses on British literature from the earliest oral tradition to the present. Students will be expected to write extensively in all modes of composition. An MLA-style research paper will be completed in conjunction with Senior Seminar during the first semester. Students will be expected to complete a great deal of real-life writing, such as college application essays and resumes. Students will work together and individually while preparing multi-media presentations that connect the historical context with each piece of literature. Logic, vocabulary, and grammar strategies are an important part of the course.

Dual Enrollment English 12

This is a course offered at CCA in conjunction with Chattanooga State Community College. There is a cost associated with this course each semester. (Please see centerforcreativearts.net for details). Upon successful completion of both English 1010 (fall semester) and 1020 (spring semester), students will earn high school and college credit (six hours). Both courses must be completed successfully in order to earn high school graduation credit. The following description is from the Chattanooga State course catalog:

ENGL 1010 – Composition I (3)

Research projects required. Focus on exposition and argument; process and development using various rhetorical patterns. Prereq(s): Placement per TBR specifications. Concurrent: ENGL 0810 and.or READ 0810 [E] Note(s): Fulfills a General Education requirement. ►Common Tennessee Public University Transfer Course.

ENGL 1020 – Composition II (3)

Research projects required. Focus on reading and responding to short fiction, poetry, drama and/or non-fiction prose.  Prereq(s): ENGL 1010 [E] Note(s): Fulfills a General Education requirement. ►Common Tennessee Public University Transfer Course.