About the School:

Chattanooga High School Center for Creative Arts (CCA) is a unique, fine arts magnet school that promotes artistic and academic excellence for students in grades six through twelve, accredited by The Tennessee Department of Education and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.  CCA has been recognized by Arts Schools Network for Outstanding Arts School, Outstanding Arts Leadership, and Outstanding Arts Integration. In 2015 the Arts School Network awarded CCA an Exemplary School designation for 2015-2017. In addition, Magnet Schools of America declared CCA Outstanding Secondary Magnet School and in 2013 and 14 we achieved Magnet School of Distinction.  CCA was recognized in 2012 and 2013 as a Reward School by the Tennessee Department of Education celebrating the top 5% of schools in the state for academic achievement.

About the Curriculum:

Center for Creative Arts offers a college prep curriculum for every student. We believe that is our obligation to rigorously prepare students for college and post-secondary success. The courses presented encompass the academics every student needs to be successful along with an impressive array of artistic offerings. At CCA, arts and academics share center stage.

The academic year features an A-B block schedule with year-long classes that meet on alternating days. Students take four 90-minute classes each day and earn up to eight credits per year. A minimum of 28 Carnegie units is required by Hamilton County Department of Education for graduation, including 4 in English, 4 in Mathematics, 2 in Foreign Language, 4 in Laboratory Science, 3 in Social Studies, 1 in Wellness, 0.5 in Senior Seminar, 0.5 in Personal Finance, and 0.5 in PE. All students choose a major in Visual Arts, Theatre, Dance, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, or Communications. Many elective arts courses are also offered. All Advanced Placement (AP) classes at CCA offer an optional AP test for college credit and placement in May of each year. Registration for those tests typically begins in February or March.

 Writing Across the Curriculum:

 One school-wide priority at Center for Creative Arts is the integration of writing in all classes. Our students are routinely challenged to read a variety of complex texts carefully; to synthesize the information from those texts; and to write in response to high level texts. The Tennessee Department of Education states “Students should be able to answer a range of text-dependent questions, in which the answers require inferences based on careful attention to the text.” Writing is not just reserved for English classes at CCA, but an activity that is found among various academic and art classes.