TBD Listening Tour at CCA

Hamilton County Department of Education Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson will hear from community members across the County this month. Dr. Johnson prides himself in serving as a listening leader. “Developing a strong
partnership with our community stakeholders is vital to the success of our students. We as educators only get students for about 17% of their time. That means we need to work closely with their parents and other community members to truly offer the best educational experience possible for our students,” Dr. Johnson said. This is why Dr. Johnson is kicking off his Community Listening Tour. Dr. Johnson plans to share his vision for the future of Hamilton County Schools and hear from parents and community members about their hopes and expectations.

Cancelled due to inclement weather; check back for the new date! Join us at 6 pm in the CCA Commons on Monday, March 19, 2018, for Dr. Johnson’s next stop on his Community Listening Tour!

Post Author: Mrs. Zerr